Teaching and Mentoring Subcommittee

Teaching and mentoring activities include assisting ASLO members in the teaching, technical training and mentoring of students in a formal, post-secondary educational setting - both for undergraduate and graduate students. Activities address both pedagogy (the science of learning), processes and practices in teaching and training, and the professional advising and mentoring of students.

Teaching and Mentoring activities are handled by a sub-committee of the ASLO Education and Human Resources supercommittee and currently has the following members:

Cynthia Hagley (to 12/21)
Minnesota Sea Grant

Brooke Jude (to 12/21)
Bard College

Seth Thompson (to 12/21)
University of Minnesota

Ana Fernandez-Carrera (to 6/23)
Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde

Shea Wyatt (to 6/23)
University of Victoria

Helen Schneider Lemay (ex officio)
ASLO Business Office

Brittany Schieler (ex officio)
Communications and Program Manager

Feel free to get in touch about anything regarding Teaching and Mentoring Activities!


Meetings: All activities related to meetings are now posted directly on the individual meeting websites. Examples of activities that we conduct at meetings are:

  • Meeting mentoring program at all ASLO conferences. These opportunities are designed to help novice conference attendees (generally students or early career scientists) get the most value out of their experience at the Meeting. Mentees will be grouped with experienced scientists (mentors) who will provide guidance on navigating the meeting and introduce them to other scientists.
  • Organization of contributed sessions, panels, and town halls to promote effective teaching and mentoring in the aquatic sciences to all members.
  • Workshops for early career scientists about effective teaching, pedagogy, and mentoring training

ASLO E-lecturesL&O e-Lectures are intended as a practical resource for educators and researchers for use at the postsecondary level or for the public at large. Each L&O e-Lecture includes presentation slides, detailed lecture notes to facilitate lecture usage and recommended reading lists for lecture users and targeted audiences.


Teaching as a skill and a career, from Science Careers. An excellent collection of articles published in Science magazine about developing your teaching skills and finding a teaching position.

Science Education Resource Center (Carleton College). A comprehensive website for science teaching in higher education. Includes pedagogy, course design, program design, and much more! It even includes many example courses.


Mentornet.org. An online e-mentoring program that connects females in STEM careers with industry leaders.

Research Mentor training program (University of Wisconsin, Madison). Includes resources to improve the mentor-mentee relationship, data that supports the efficacy of mentor training, and research mentor training materials and workshops.

Online annotated list of Research Mentor training resources (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Mentoring Competency Assessment. A self-reflection survey tool to assess you mentoring skills and areas in which you would like to improve.

Mentoring Advice, from Science Careers. An excellent collection of articles published in Science magazine about all aspects of mentoring.

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