Online Media Library Subcommittee

.The ASLO Online Media Library is a freely accessible public repository of images and videos related to the aquatic sciences, including anything from the depths of the ocean to freshwater lakes, from microscopic to large organisms, from our effect as humans on the environment to how we sample and observe the different habitats with our tools and instruments.

It captures the diversity of the aquatic realm and of the work carried out by numerous dedicated scientists throughout the world. In this continually growing database, students, teachers, scientists and the general public alike can choose from over 2,200 images to use and download as required for educational purposes.

The Online Media Library is handled by a sub-committee of the ASLO Education and Human Resources Super Committee.

Thanks to the Photographers!

The images stored within the ASLO Online Media Library would not be available without the generous contributions made by numerous photographers, both ASLO members and non-members alike. We thank them for their willingness to share these incredible images and information for educational purposes.


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