Call for Proposals: ASLO Global Outreach Initiative

Call for Proposals: ASLO Global Outreach Initiative

We are pleased to announce the availability of funds for the ASLO Global Outreach Initiative (GOI). As the ASLO membership has become increasingly geographically diverse, so have many ASLO activities. ASLO has frequently discussed and explored ways to assist ASLO members outside the U.S. with communicating their results to non-technical audiences. Recognizing that our members know their local culture best, ASLO adopted a bottom-up approach in 2012 with the ASLO Global Outreach Initiative. The GOI has since funded projects in 2012, 2016, 2017, 2019, and 2021. Reports can be found in the L&O Bulletin: Nov 2013 (2012 cycle), Aug 2017 (2016 cycle), Feb 2019 (2017 cycle), Feb 2023 (2021 cycle).

The ASLO GOI will provide funds (up to $3,000 per project) to ASLO members to conduct aquatic science communication and engagement projects. While the goal of this initiative is to encourage and promote engagement in regions outside of the United States, proposals generated within the United States in which the project occurs in other countries are also welcome. Additionally in 2023, ASLO will allocate additional funds to support a project within Tribal Nations and First Nations, as initiated in 2021. We expect to support 4-6 awards.

Below is more information about this initiative. If you are attending the 2023 Aquatic Sciences Meeting, you are invited to the GOI Town Hall at 20:00 on 6th June 2023 to hear more about the program, learn about past projects, and meet GOI alumni.

Aim and Scope of the Projects:
The initiative is directed to individual or groups of members who wish to engage in activities with their local community--this could take the form of public lectures, field work, or other educational activities associated with aquatic systems or organisms. It is not intended to provide funds for travel or purchase of books or equipment for ASLO members or their institutions.

Examples of what we would consider: 

  • Resources required to work with schools or communities
  • Funds for boat time for field trips, costs of workshops or open days for students or individuals NOT affiliated with your institution, a local school for example. Funds may NOT be used for teaching your regular undergraduate or graduate level courses.
  • Sponsoring a public lecture, this may be done separately or as part of a planned meeting or an ASLO conference (e.g. remote site)
  • Translation of existing materials into other languages
  • These are some thoughts; we are open to all creative, innovative and/or effective ideas.
  • Projects that utilize novel and innovative virtual learning and engagement approaches to comply with local COVID-19 restrictions are welcomed.

Questions about the initiative should be sent to Bob Chen, chair of the ASLO Education and Engagement Committee at (


Applications should contain the following:

  • Cover page with a 100-word Abstract
  • Project Proposal (2-page limit):
    1. Proposed Budget: Proposals in the range of $500 to $3000 will be considered. Please provide budget estimates of how the funds will be used. Enough detail should be included so that reviewers can see how the funds will be effectively used.
    2. Project Description (~ 500 words): What is the rationale and problem to be addressed, background, approach to be used and work plan?
    3. Project Objectives: Who is the audience/how are you extending your usual community?
    4. Anticipated product or outcome: Explain how this project will enhance engagement with aquatic sciences.
    5. Evaluation plan: How will you measure the impact of your activities?
    • Brief biosketch of PI’s (one paragraph); at least one PI must be a current member of ASLO.

    Successful applicants will be required to submit a 2-page final report documenting how the ASLO funds were used and the outcome of the project.

    Pre-proposal opportunity:

    If you are uncertain whether your request is appropriate, please send a brief email to (Chair of the ASLO Education and Engagement Committee), and we would be pleased to provide advice and guidance.

    Submission information:

    Proposals should be submitted via the ASLO website.

    The deadline for submission is 31 July 2023. Award winners will be announced around 30 September 2023.

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