Rosie Gradoville and Rita Franco-Santos named Raelyn Cole Editorial Fellows for L&O Letters

Rosie Gradoville and Rita Franco-Santos named Raelyn Cole Editorial Fellows for L&O Letters

The Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography is pleased to announce the selection of Rosie Gradoville and Rita Franco-Santos as ASLO’s newest Raelyn Cole Editorial Fellows. The Raelyn Cole Editorial Fellowship, which began in 2017, is a unique opportunity for early-career aquatic scientists to gain expertise in scientific publishing, including open-access publishing, peer review, and scientific writing. Fellows will work directly with the Editor of Limnology & Oceanography Letters on all aspects of the publication process and disseminate their experiences with the broader community, targeting other early-career researchers. Dr. Gradoville will begin her two-year fellowship 1 April 2021, and Dr. Franco-Santos’ term will begin 1 April 2022.

Rosie Gradoville

Mary R. (Rosie) Gradoville is a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Rosie’s research focuses on the ecology of nitrogen-fixing microorganisms in the oceans. She uses field-based approaches to better understand the biogeography and environmental controls of uncultivated nitrogen-fixers in the North Pacific. Rosie enjoys scientific writing and publishing and is excited to join the ASLO editorial team through the RCE Fellowship.

“I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to work with the editors and publishers at L&O Letters,” Rosie said. “The RCE Fellowship will help me learn more about the editorial, publishing, and peer-review processes, and will provide a venue for outreach to other early career scientists. I also hope to use the RCE Fellowship to explore ways of reducing bias in peer-review.”

Rita Franco-Santos

Rita M. Franco-Santos is finishing a research assistant position at the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies (University of Tasmania) in Hobart, Australia; and will start a postdoctoral fellowship at the Ocean Frontier Institute (Dalhousie University) in Halifax, Canada, in the summer of 2021. Her research focuses on zooplankton ecology and, more specifically, on functional morphology, metabolic metrics, and feeding ecology. She is currently utilizing lipid and fatty acid content and composition data, together with compound-specific stable isotope analysis, to better understand and to quantify energy transfer in the lower trophic levels of marine food webs. She’s also an eager diver and avid traveler.

Rita said, “Not many opportunities are available for early career researchers to experience first-hand the inner workings of scientific publishing, so I am thrilled that I’ve been given the opportunity to work side by side with the ASLO and Wiley teams and the other Raelyn Cole fellows. I look forward to improving my own skills as a scientist, a writer/communicator, and a peer-reviewer, while also trying to contribute to the publishing process at L&O Letters. Furthermore, I also want to share this experience with other early career researchers, especially those from a non-English speaking background, in an attempt to motivate them into becoming more involved with scientific publishing and peer-review.”

Jim Cloern, Editor-in-Chief of L&O Letters, said, “Working with the Raelyn Cole Fellows has been a blast because they are full of surprises and have taught me so much about the differences between their generation and mine. They have an intense interest in and passion for writing and publishing, and their commitment to sharing lessons learned and new perspectives with other early career researchers is inspiring. This fellowship provides an open-ended opportunity, and I can’t wait to see how Rosie and Rita will use it.”

The Raelyn Cole fellowship was established through a generous gift from Dale Cole and family in memory of Raelyn Cole, Managing Editor of ASLO’s flagship journal, L&O, from 1965 to 1996, and recipient of ASLO’s Distinguished Service Award. To learn more about the Raelyn Cole Editorial Fellowship and the legacy of Raelyn Cole, as well as support the fellowship, please visit:

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