2018 ASLO Member Survey: we need your input!

2018 ASLO Member Survey: we need your input!

ASLO has undergone tremendous change since we last surveyed our members in 2012 (see highlights at the end of this post). The results of that survey, including many thoughtful comments included in responses, have been instrumental in creating the 2015 ASLO Strategic Plan and advising ASLO leadership during the transition to ASLO 2.0.

To ensure that we continue to offer the best and most desired programs to our members, we need to hear from you again. Therefore, we ask that you take 20-30 minutes of your time between now and 15 August to complete the 2018 ASLO Member Survey. The questions in the survey will help inform board discussions and decisions on topics such as:

- Why do members join and renew their membership?

- How can we better serve our members in each career stage?

- Where and when should ASLO conferences be held? How do we make them accessible to those who – for whatever reason – can’t attend in person?

- Which professional development programs are most valued by our members? Are there any we aren’t offering but should?

The ~50 questions in the survey address general topics as well as the four program areas of ASLO: meetings; publications; education, policy and outreach; and professional development. The introductory demographic questions will allow us to determine whether there are groups whose needs are not being met. Your responses are appreciated and are confidential.

As an incentive to complete the survey, and in appreciation of your effort to improve ASLO, we will have a drawing to win an iPad or one of five $50 gift certificates for Amazon.com. (You will be directed to a separate site upon survey completion to enter your email address for the drawing.)

ASLO takes pride in being an innovative society that is responsive to its members!  We hope you will take the time to help us to shape a future for ASLO that will best serve you!

Since the last member survey, ASLO has:

- partnered with Wiley for our publishing needs, vastly expanding our services to authors and increasing our audience from 715 to 4,922 subscribers, plus 7,669 developing country institutions that now have free or low cost access to ASLO journals via the Research4Life initiative;

- greatly expanded our offerings to student and early career members, such as travel grants, workshops and meeting mentoring program at conferences, and professional development opportunities such as the ASLO Science Communication Internship and Raelyn Cole Editorial Fellowship;

- launched a new open access journal, L&O Letters;
- enhanced our commitment to being an international association through initiatives such as the ASLO Global Outreach Initiative, which has funded 14 ASLO member-led projects in 13 countries;

- enhanced our member recognition programs, by increasing promotion of ASLO award winners and launching the ASLO Fellows program;

- migrated our website to a modern platform which integrates all ASLO transactions into one platform, facilitating greater communication among members and between members and ASLO;

- created and expanded ASLO’s social media presence as a means to communicate with our members as well as to promote their research publications and projects.

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