SS4.13 Water Quality of Lakes, Rivers and Coastal Zones
Date: Thursday, June 13, 2002
Location: Poster Session - VCC
LeungA, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada,
Pieters, R, , University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada,
Lawrence, G, A, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada,
Since 1993, a decommissioned open pit at the Equity Silver mine site near Houston British Columbia has served as a repository for treated ARD from the site, as well as direct runoff, groundwater inflows and overflow from a smaller pit-lake. At present, the pit-lake is 180m deep, 800m long and 400m wide. Measurements of the physical limnology of the pit were made during 2001 and 2002 in conjunction with a study of the chemistry of the pit lake. The lower 60m of the pit has filled with ARD sludge. The stratification of the upper 120m is dominated by its salinity gradient. Overturn was not observed during 2001, however the salinity gradient may not be sufficient to prevent overturn every year. Predicted long term evolution of the pit-lake will be presented.