SS1.10 Marine Protected Areas: Critical tools for Marine Biodiversity Conservation
Date: Monday, June 10, 2002
Time: 4:15:00 PM
Location: Esquimalt
Keckeis H, University of Vienna, Dept. of Ecology and Conservation Biology, Vienna, Austria,
Two concepts of river ecology, the river continuum concept and the flood pulse were applied to the project: “The restoration program Wien River” in the city of Vienna. The project was primarily initiated by the water engineering municipal department of the City of Vienna to improve the flood control management. Preliminary investigations of the fish fauna indicated a high potential for recolonization of this heavily modified river. These results served as a strong argument for restoration measures based on river- and fish ecological fundamentals. The program proofed a basis to test the hypothesis to which extent fish diversity and fish biomass is correlated to increased longitudinal and to lateral connectivity. The question to which extend fish biomass derives from the reconnected floodplains or from the restructured main channel was addressed during a 3 years monitoring program. Furthermore, the potential of the new habitats as spawning grounds, nursery areas and refugees was investigated.