SS3.16 Lentic-Lotic Linkages in Freshwaters: Comparisons from Different Ecosystems
Date: Thursday, June 13, 2002
Location: Poster Session - VCC
HuituE, University of Helsinki, Lammi Biological Station, Lammi, Finland,
Mäkelä, S, , University of Helsinki, Lammi Biological Station, Lammi, Finland,
Arvola, L, , University of Helsinki, Lammi Biological Station, Lammi, Finland,
The Phosphorus Budget and Phytoplankton in a Chain of Lakes
The phosphorus budget and phytoplankton were studied in a two-leg lake chain in Lammi, southern Finland. The ten lakes varied in surface area between 5 and 653 ha. The available basic information consisted of the map data on the drainage areas (the information of the land use and soil types in the watersheds). Chemical and phytoplankton data were obtained on the lakes four times a year during 1997 and 1998. Mean annual mean total phosphorus strongly determined the summer chlorophyll concentrations in the studied lakes. The variation between observed phytoplankton species abundances was however quite high. Some simple models were used to find out if the annual mean total phosphorus of the lakes could be predicted by other lake parameters. Retention time for the epilimnion was also considered as an important factor affecting the abundance of phytoplankton occurring in the studied lake chain.