SS4.10 Interdisciplinary Contributions to the Maintenance of the Integrity of Aquatic Ecosystems
Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2002
Time: 2:15:00 PM
Location: Colwood
Johnson, D, , NOAA Coastal Ocean Program, Silver Spring, ,
ScaviaD, NOAA, Silver Spring, ,
Approaches to coastal science are evolving. While knowledge from research at small scales is needed to understand how ecosystem components function, larger-scale interdisciplinary efforts add knowledge at larger scales. The NRC, National Science and Technology Council, and National Science Board have discussed this need for terrestrial, freshwater, and marine systems. Recent analyses for coastal systems outlined key elements for approaching this expanded enterprise -- working at larger spatial scales and longer time scales, focusing on multiple stressors, and incorporating the human dimension. We use examples from recent studies to discuss approaches around 4 areas that address many of these recommendations: 1) increasing the time and space scales, 2) integrating the natural sciences, 3) integrating natural and social sciences, and 4) informing public policy.