2016 Summer Meeting Session Nominations

Session proposals are due 24 August 2015. Proposals should identify at least two, but no more than six, co-organizers and should include an informative session title and a short description of the session. (See additional details below). One of the session co-chairs will be identified as the session's lead contact for the meeting committee.

There will be two types of sessions at this meeting:

  1. Special sessions: Co-organizers should be indicated in the proposal. These sessions are conceptually-focused, and contributions from different aquatic habitat types as well as interdisciplinary perspectives are encouraged. Proposals for special sessions should be accompanied by a list of at least six (6) prospective speakers and tentative presentation titles or topics, to allow the meeting committee to evaluate interest in the proposed session.
  2. Regular sessions will include major thematic topics in limnology and oceanography.

Both session types will be open to invited and contributed speakers.

Proposals will be reviewed and proposers will be notified of the decision by the end of September 2015.

Before You Start!

Before you fill out the submission form, you may want to search for similar sessions already proposed for the upcoming meeting. Please click on the link below to go to a search form. You will be asked to provide one or more keywords, or you can list all submitted sessions.

Edit Previous Submission

Do you need to edit your previous submission? Please enter the session number and the password assigned for your session in the space below.

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Guidelines for Session Nominations

Session nominations must be submitted using the form that follows. At least two co-chairs who plan to attend are required. Session chairs who attend must register for the meeting. Session titles should be 255 characters or less. Session descriptions should be limited to 200 words and should be broad enough to include all interested researchers, regardless of affiliation or funding sources.

Session nominations must be submitted online by 23:59 U.S. Central Time on 24 August 2015. The Call for Abstracts will be issued in October 2015, and abstract submissions will be due online by February 2016.

Session Organization

Once a session is accepted, session organizers should solicit abstract submissions to their session. Sessions will be scheduled by the planning committee. Once a session is set with a specific list of presentations, those designated for poster and oral presentation will be determined by the organizers.

Town Hall and Other Meetings

We also encourage town hall and other group meetings in available rooms at the Convention Center, primarily during the lunch break each day. Supplemental meeting request forms will be available online with the Call for Abstracts.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for your interest in participating in the 2016 Summer Meeting by suggesting a session. As you probably know, sessions form a large part of the structure of our meetings, and the Organizing Committee relies upon individuals to come forward with ideas for the best and most exciting topics. The Committee will review the submitted suggestions and develop a meeting plan that incorporates these ideas. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

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*Enter a short suggested title for your nominated session. (< 255 char)
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*Describe your nominated session in one paragraph (200 words maximum).
*Select the FIVE most important words in your session description, and enter them in the spaces below. All five words must appear in the session description exactly as typed below, including capitalization. You may enter variations on each word on the same line, separated by spaces (e.g. "microbe microbes microbial"). Please think carefully about the words you choose. They will help the meeting organizers sort sessions, and will help others to search for sessions of interest. Jargon should be avoided.
After you click on SUBMIT, your nomination for a session will be stored for review by the Organizing Committee.
We may be contacting you during March 15-April 23 to discuss your submission for clarity, or for possible amalgamation with other suggested sessions.
Please re-type the two strings of characters shown below, leaving a space between them. You do not need to capitalize letters. If you have any difficulty reading the letters, click on the top blue button until you obtain a set that you can read easily. The information you entered into the above form will not be affected.