Hildebrand, E. N.. Dalhousie University, erinh@phys.ocean.dal.ca
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Accurate measurements of in situ suspended particle size distributions less than 100 micrometres, particularly that less than 10 micrometres, are vital to understanding the optical properties of aquatic systems. The LISST-100 generates size distributions in this range by using laser diffraction pattern analysis. A preliminary characterization of a 20-cm pathlength LISST was made using three data sets collected in August of 1998; a field deployment, a surface time series, and a lab experiment using crushed glass. Discrete Coulter Mulitsizer II samples were processed for all data sets, and AC-9 beam attenuation was available for the field deployment. Results show that the LISST and AC-9 beam attenuation measurements agree reasonably well. The field-measured volume scattering function from LISST frequently increased in the larger angles; particularly for that measured in the upper 7m of the water column. The shape of the LISST and Coulter particle number distribution show agreement. No LISST data set resulted in an accurate particle size distribution less than 6 micrometres or greater than 120 micrometres. Causes of inaccuracies are explored.
Day: Thursday, Feb. 4
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