Perry, M. J.. University of Washington,
Roesler, C. J.. University of Connecticut,
Carder, K. L.. University of South Florida,

We held a 5-wk INTENSIVE, graduate-level course in Optical Oceanography in summer 1998 at the Friday Harbor Laboratories. It gave opportunity for students from diverse disciplines to learn fundamentals of optical oceanography in a coastal/estuarine environment. We provided a supportive, team-based learning environment in which students integrated measurement, theory, and models to study underwater and remotely-sensed, spectral light fields. Faculty and guests lectured most mornings, structured labs on absorption and scattering the first 2 wk, orchestrated a 3-d field program the third week, and worked with students 18 h d^-1, at least 6 d wk^-1. The heart of the course was team-based, student interaction: student-directed discussions of publications; student-led "round-table" discussions on instrumentation and data analysis, management and interpretation; interactive computer modeling (HYDROLIGHT); and research collaboration. (Please come meet our students.) Our long-term goal is education of a cadre of students who make a difference in optical oceanography. We suggest that "Intensive Learning Modules" provide unique opportunities for students to participate in creation of knowledge and for primary scholars at research universities to share knowledge by allocating blocks of time for uninterrupted teaching.
Day: Thursday, Feb. 4
Time: Poster
Location: Sweeney Center
Code: SS53TH1015S