Huttula, T. Pirkanmaa Regional Environment Centre,
Podsetchine, V. Pirkanmaa Regional Environment Centre,
Peltonen, A. Pirkanmaa Regional Environment Centre,
Schernewski, G. Pirkanmaa Regional Environment Centre,
Nöges, T. Insitute of Zoology and Botany,

The lake ecosystems are strongly influenced by abiotic factors. We have studied the impact of hydrodynamical processes on lake ecology in recent projects. The lakes have a wide variety in size and volume. Most of them are situated in the same climatic zone in North Europe (Finland and Estonia). Projects on Lake Belau in Germany together with one on Lake Tanganyika in Africa provide interesting examples from other climatic conditions. The studies have included meteorological, hydrodynamical, limnological and hydrobiological observations. We have observed that episodic events have a great importance for the lake ecology both directly on the lake and indirectly by the effects from the watershed. The direct effects come mainly through increased wind forcing. The indirect effects are mostly due the heavy rains during the storms. In the lakes the stratification and vertical mixing are effected, turbidity and light conditions changed as well as erosion and horizontal transport intensified. This results to changes in distribution and fate of particulate and dissolved substances, plankton, flora and fauna. The challenges for interdisciplinary cooperation and studies are high. This is not only due to the complexity of the processes but also due to the lack of communication between physicists and ecologists.
Day: Thursday, Feb. 4
Time: 08:30 - 09:00am
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