Pinowska, A. Bowling Green State University,
Lowe, R. Bowling Green State University,

Submerged macrophytes are unique substrata for development and growth of epiphytic algae. Plants in the genus Myriophyllum are known for their release of compounds which affect the growth of epiphytic algae. In this study artificial nutrient-diffusing substrata were used to investigate the effect of crude 50% aqueous acetone extract from Myriophyllum sibiricum on a periphyton community. Bottles were filled with 2% agar and one of 8 treatments representing different combinations of nutrients (no nutrients and nutrients added) and plant extract (no plant extract added and 3 different plant extract concentrations) in a complete factorial design. Each of the treatments had 3 replicates. Substrata were placed in Douglas Lake (Northern Michigan, USA) at a depth of 4 meters with the use of SCUBA. After 14 days substrata were collected and algal densities and community composition were analyzed. Nutrients and plant extract affected algal species composition and cell densities; however, algal species' responses to the extract were variable.
Day: Thursday, Feb. 4
Time: Poster
Location: Sweeney Center
Code: SS46TH1245S