Miles, A. Marine Botany, Gothenburg University,
Sundback, K. Marine Botany, Gothenburg University,
Goransson, E. Marine Botany, Gothenburg University,

The assimilation of N by microphytobenthic communities forms a central question when addressing the role of the microphytobenthos on N turnover. As part of the EU project 'NICE' (Nitrogen Cycling in Estuaries) measurements of the general daily pattern of primary productivity and N-assimilation were made for both intertidal (Portugal) and shallow subtidal (Sweden, Italy) sediments. Results from diel in situ measurements are presented for both sandy (epipsammic) and fine cohesive sediment (epipelic) microphytobenthic communities. Nitrogen assimilation was estimated by two methods (i) calculated from net productivity, as estimated by 14C-uptake, in combination with knowledge of the C/N ratio of the natural algal community and (ii) by direct incorporation of 15N. The results of the two methods are compared, both when considered as individual time blocks and when values are averaged across each diel cycle. Differences and limitations of the methods are discussed.
Day: Friday, Feb. 5
Time: 08:45 - 09:00am
Location: Eldorado Hotel
Code: SS46FR0845E