Yamashiki, Y. Y. International Lake Environment Committee Foundation, yamasiki@sun.scl.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Kumagai, M. Y. Lake Biwa Research Institute, kumagai@lbri.go.jp
Matsui, S. S. RCEQC - Kyoto University, matsui@biwa.eqc.kyoto-u.ac.jp

Development of three dimensional hydrodynamic and ecological model and its application into stratified lake
A three dimensional Dynamic Ecological model for deep and stratified lake, consisted of non-hydrostatic hydrodynamical component and ecological component with a set of Eularian nutrient and chlorophyll-a transport equations, is developed and applied for Lake Biwa, Japan. Interaction between stratification and vertical distribution of chlorophyll a concentration is studied applying this numerical model setting field observation result by CTD profiler as the initial condition. The effect of turbid water entrainment from inflowing river into lake on phytoplankton growth is also studied with this model and compared with the field observation data.
Day: Tuesday, Feb. 2
Time: Poster
Location: Sweeney Center
Code: SS44TU0134S