Schubert, C. J.. Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology,
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Four multicorer cores from the shelf off Chile were collected in March 1998, a year which was strongly influenced by El Nio. Oxygen contents of the bottom water were between 18 to 40 M (pers. com. B. Strotmann). Organic carbon contents of the sediments vary between 1.5 and 4 %. Carbonate values are very low and rarely exceed 1%. d13C values vary from -20.6 to -22.8 in cores 4, 7, 18 indicating that the type of organic matter is mainly marine with some contributions of terrestrial organic matter.In core 14, values vary between -23.0 to -24.2 indicating higher contributions of terrestrial organic matter. Total chlorins, degradation products of chlorophyll, were measured. Highest concentrations were measured at station 7 with 30000ng/g. Lowest values occur at station 14. In general, values decline rapidly from the top to the bottom. For a more detailed investigation of the marine and terrestrial compounds in cores 4 and 18, long-chain n-alkanes and alcohols and sterols were determined. In both cores concentrations of biomarkers are similar, although the terrestrial derived markers are a little bit higher in core 4 from the bight showing a higher terrestrial contribution.
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