Chanton, J. P.. Department of Oceanography, Florida State University,
Chasar, L. P.. Dept. of Oceanography, FSU,
Petrosky, T. Dept. of Oceanography, FSU,
Koenig, C. Dept. of Biology, FSU,
Coleman, F. Dept. of Biology, FSU,
Bevis, T. Dept. of Biology, FSU,
Prasad, A. Dept. of Biology,FSU,

The objective of this project is to investigate changes in the dependence of the Florida Bay trophic web on various sources of primary production and to estimate the consequences of environmental change, if it exists, on associated fisheries. Our working hypothesis is that the Florida Bay trophic structure has shifted from a benthic system dependent on primary production by seagrass epiphytic algae (or seagrass itself) to a pelagic system dependent upon planktonic algae production. The specific questions addressed are: (1) have the trophic relationships in Florida Bay changed as seagrasses have declined and plankton blooms have become more common? (2) has the character of the Florida Bay nursery appreciably changed? to what degree are the surrounding coastal fisheries dependent on the Florida Bay nursery? We can detect shifts in the trophic structure with multiple stable isotope analysis of producers and consumer. Our sampling design incorporates a series of six sites within Florida Bay along an
Day: Wednesday, Feb. 3
Time: 09:45 - 10:00am
Location: Eldorado Hotel
Code: SS32WE0945E