Liu, Z. Biological Station Neusiedlersee,
Herzig, A. Biological Station Neusiedlersee,

Leptodora kindti, a large predaceous cladoceran, is commonly found to exist in habitats containing fish predators. The results from Lake Neusiedl (Austria) and Xujiahe Reservoir (China) showed that Leptodora underwent a profound diel vertical migration and small-sized individuals of Laptodora experienced a lower fish predation pressure than large-sized Diaphanosoma mongolianum due to its less-pigmented body. It seems that Leptodora can largely reduce its vulnerability to fish predation by its highly transparent body and by diel vertical migration, and coexist with fish predators. After reviewing the existed literature, it is very likely that high biomass of fish is one of important biotic factors determining the occurrence of Leptodora because fish predation could prevent Leptodora from exclusion by competition and predation by other invertebrate predators.
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