Dzialowski, A. R.. Univeristy of Kansas,
O'Brien, W. R.. Univeristy of Kansas,

Recently the exotic cladoceran Daphnia lumholtzi has invaded freshwater systems throughout the southern United States. We conducted regional and local surveys of eastern Kansas reservoirs and ponds to document the range expansion of D. lumholtzi and determine mechanisms responsible for this expansion. In the summer of 1997, we re-sampled 35 eastern Kansas reservoirs that were originally sampled in 1994. Of the reservoirs that were sampled in 1997, a total of 11 had been invaded by D. lumholtzi, seven of which had been invaded since 1994. It has been suggested that D. lumholtzi is transported between reservoirs by recreational and fishing boats. However, D. lumholtzi may be able to make short jumps from a source population via waterfowl or wind. To test this hypothesis, this year we sampled 40 farm ponds inaccessible to recreational boats within the Clinton Reservoir watershed, a large impoundment that has been invaded by D. lumholtzi since 1994. We did not find D. lumholtzi in any of the ponds that were sampled even though they were all close to a source population. Data from the three years of sampling supports the hypothesis that D. lumholtzi is transported between reservoirs by fishing and recreational boats.
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