Chant, R. J. Rutgers University,
Crowley, M. J. Rutgers University,
Kohut, J. Rutgers University,
Glenn, S. M. Rutgers University,

AVHRR imagery emphasize that coastal upwelling along the New Jersey coast is characterized by recurrent upwelling centers. Surface currents obtained by HF-Radar reveal that a well defined subinertial upwelling jet resides in the frontal system between cold upwelled inshore waters and the warmer waters offshore. However, these same upwelling events can be accompanied by strong and heterogeneous near inertial motion that can obscure the structure of the subinertial upwelling jet. Guided by real-time AVHRR and CODAR data, our summer 1998 shipboard ADCP/CTD surveys were designed to resolve the cross-frontal structure of both the subinertial and near inertial motion. The shipboard surveys used newly developed surface-towed ADCP and undulating-towed CTD systems to cover multiple ~20 km offshore transects across the upwelling frontal system. These surveys provide quasisynoptic sections suitable for fixed point time series analysis and emphasize the significant temporal variability in the intensity of the upwelling jet. The ability to separate near inertial and subinertial motion enables us to place the spatial structure of near-inertial motion in context with the frontal system and to estimate to what extent the jet structure is balanced by thermal wind.
Day: Friday, Feb. 5
Time: 09:15 - 09:30am
Location: Hilton of Santa Fe
Code: SS12FR0915H