Seim, H. E. Skidaway Institute of Oceanography,
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A real-time observational network on the U.S. Southeastern continental shelf is being developed by a partnership from academics and government. Eight large offshore platforms, currently operated by the U.S. Navy for flight training, are being instrumented to provide a range of oceanographic and meteorological observations on a continuous, real-time basis. The tower grid covers an area of 115 km x 50 km and a depth range of 25 m to 45 m. An existing communications network allows high bandwidth data transmission to shore. Real-time and archived data will be made available via the world wide web. The observations will provide important information on cross-shelf exchange, storm effects, bio-optics, and atmospheric transport, and contribute to regional fisheries management. The network is being designed to facilitate additions of instrumentation and access to the communications system by other researchers. This unique observational network represents a significant resource for the oceanographic community; it will provide synoptic observations of meso-scale oceanographic processes in a continental shelf setting in real-time, and allow the development of an interannual to decadal database on coastal ocean and marine atmosphere conditions.
Day: Friday, Feb. 5
Time: 04:15 - 04:30pm
Location: Eldorado Hotel
Code: SS12FR0415E