Paduan, J. D. Naval Postgraduate School,
Vesecky, J. D. University of Michigan,
Fernandez, D. M. Cal. State Univ. Monterey Bay,
Shulman, I. Univ. of Southern Mississippi,
Chavez, F. P. Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute,
Maffione, R. A. HOBI Labs,
Kindle, J. C. Naval Research Laboratory,

The Monterey Bay region is home to a large and diverse suite of marine science-related institutions, including those with research, education, engineering, and public safety focuses. For many years, coordination has taken place between institutions, primarily, on a bi-lateral basis, but region-wide coordination has lagged behind. The National Ocean Partnership Program (NOPP) has provided a mechanism to support linkages between ongoing efforts. This presentation will overview the NOPP ICON project, which involves a consortium of government, academic, and industrial partners. The plan calls for both creative application of well established observational techniques and the development of new instrumentation and algorithms. Moored, single-point time series observations, remotely-sensed data, ocean acoustic tomography, and two-dimensional vector fields obtained from HF radars will be integrated into a cohesive picture of the coastal ocean environment via a nested, high resolution numerical model. New multi-spectral optical measurements combined with the circulation data will enhance primary productivity models centered on the region. The sensor data and model output will be made available via Internet web pages for use by coastal managers, defense analysts, emergency response teams, commercial navigators, and recreational boaters.
Day: Friday, Feb. 5
Time: 02:30 - 02:45pm
Location: Eldorado Hotel
Code: SS12FR0230E