Maffione, R. A. Hydro-Optics, Biology, and Instrumentation Laboratories,
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Thin layers and their potential effects on water leaving radiance
During the California coastal-upwelling season, Monterey Bay experiences strong stratification and the diel formation and breakup of thin layers. The Monterey Bay layering dynamics have been repeatedly measured by the author in the March to September time period. Optical profiles reveal these layers to be both highly scattering and absorbing, with the spectral absorption properties indicative of thick phytoplankton patches. These layers correspond to density interfaces or gradients, which have been observed to modulate with internal wave frequencies. Using the in-situ optical profiles of these layers, the author calculated the water-leaving radiances for different phases of the internal waves. It was found that the periodic changes in the water-leaving radiances caused by internal wave modulation were between 7% and 24% depending upon wavelength and viewing angle.
Day: Tuesday, Feb. 2
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