Leger, D. C. Antarctic Support Associates, legerda@asa.org
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The ability to easily access data from different data acquisition systems has become important in oceanography. Data acquisition systems may be physically remote from each other, or implemented on incompatible platforms. The research icebreakers Nathaniel B. Palmer and Laurence M. Gould, which support the NSF funded U.S. Antarctic Program, are making use of a new technology. This enables different data acquisitions systems on each ship to share data, as well as telemetry data from other vessels and data sources to be shared. This new technology makes use of a data server, allowing multiple data sources access to a common pool of data. Simple script and C language interfaces to the data server allow researchers named access to current data, and the ability to compute and post their own derived data as well. Client and server software work in conjunction with the data server and Ethernet to allow different computers to share data. These remote computers may reside on the research vessel's network, or may be linked via telemetry connections using radio links or satellite communication. As new, higher bandwidth, satellite services come online and communication costs drop, this use of telemetry for real time data sharing will become more common.
Day: Wednesday, Feb. 3
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