Ohman, M. D. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, mohman@ucsd.edu
Runge, J. D. Institut Maurice Lamontagne, RungeJ@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Durbin, T. University of Rhode Island, edurbin@gsosun1.gso.uri.edu

We are estimating mortality rates for copepod populations on Georges Bank, NW Atlantic, to understand the rates of and reasons for population losses. We have focused previously on Calanus finmarchicus and now expand our view to a comparative analysis of co-occurring species. We are applying three numerical approaches to the problem of estimating instantaneous, stage-specific mortality rates. All methods are data-intensive and each is most appropriate in somewhat different circumstances. The results presented will illustrate the merits of the different approaches and the contrasting mortality risks for co-existing species.
Day: Wednesday, Feb. 3
Time: 03:30 - 03:45pm
Location: Hilton of Santa Fe
Code: CS66WE0330H