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San Francisco Bay waters are subject to extreme annual variability due to the Mediterranean climate with precipitation occurring primarily in the winter. The resulting winter period is characterized by low salinity and high turbidity while in summer nearly oceanic salinity levels and decreased turbidity occur in the Central Bay. Interannual variability is also strong, e.g. within the last 2 years, extraordinarily high fresh water inputs occurred during the winter months. At Romberg Tiburon Center we have occupied a cross-bay section from the laboratory to Richmond once each month beginning in October 1997. The results of these surveys show large ranges in nutrient concentrations, salinity, temperature, and turbidity. 15NO3 and 15NH4 uptake measurements exhibit an equally high variability, with a strong phytoplankton bloom in spring, 1998. These studies will provide a basis for more experimental work to follow and help to better characterize the Central Bay which has received less scientific attention in the past than the South Bay and upper reaches of the estuary.
Day: Wednesday, Feb. 3
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