Edmondson, W. T. University of Washington, wte@u.washington.edu

I intend to use a concise autobiographical sketch as a skeleton to be fleshed out with an account of the aspects of limnology that have interested me and some of the people I have met along the way. My random walk starts in 1916 in Milwaukee on the shore of Lake Michigan, moves to southern Indiana where there were no lakes, only ponds with mysterious tiny things moving around in them, to New Haven, Connecticut for High School, College (became a charter member of the Limnological Society of America) and Graduate School where I met many limnologists and protolimnologists. I had a side trip to Madison to take Juday's course. I spent most of the war years as a civilian doing research for the Navy at Woods Hole Oceanographic Instititute and met many oceanographers. My first teaching job was in the Harvard Department of Biology, my seond at the University of Washington where I still am.
Day: Wednesday, Feb. 3
Time: GAL3
Location: Hilton of Santa Fe