Chang, G. C.. University of California at Santa Barbara,
Dickey, T. C.. University of California at Santa Barbara,

Two high salinity water mass intrusions were observed using high temporal resolution physical and bio-optical measurements on the Mid-Atlantic Bight continental shelf during the fall 1996 deployment of the Coastal Mixing and Optics experiment. The first intrusion occurred on August 25; the second occurred on September 18. Both intrusions were characterized by high salinity and high temperature at the near-surface, and high salinity and low temperature near the ocean bottom. Salinity increased by greater than 1.5 psu, and temperature changed by about 4oC with the water mass intrusions. The biological effects of the intrusions can be seen in bio-optical data collected at the experiment site. Both intrusions were followed by large phytoplankton blooms, lasting about three days, as indicated by increases of greater than 2 ug l^-1 in chlorophyll a concentration, and increases of 2 m^-1 in total and phytoplankton spectral absorption. Analyses of phytoplankton absorption spectra reveal changes in wavelength ratios, and therefore, changes in pigment composition during the phytoplankton bloom.
Day: Friday, Feb. 5
Time: 11:30 - 11:45am
Location: Eldorado Hotel
Code: CS57FR1130E