Your Presentation

Talks are scheduled in 15-minute time slots. We strongly encourage a presentation of no more than 12 minutes to allow three minutes for discussion and to entertain questions from those in the audience. In special cases, and at the discretion of the session organizers, invited presenters may be given two consecutive slots to provide a tutorial talk at the beginning of the session. The time limit will be strictly enforced to facilitate movement between sessions.

Each presenter can easily upload presentation files, including all multimedia content (ex: linked video, flash, sound files), online prior to the event or on-site. All presentations can be previewed and edited by authors up to four hours prior to their session at the Presentation Room, Room W205A, before they are automatically downloaded to the respective computers in the session rooms.

The computers in the session rooms will be Windows XP-based PC with Microsoft PowerPoint 2003. Verification of proper performance in the Presentation Room is essential, particularly if video and animation is included in the presentation. Please note that Internet access will not be available during your presentation.

Preparing Your Presentation

Speakers are provided a link and individual login credentials via e-mail to submit presentations online prior to the start of the meeting.

Acceptable formats** for presentations:

  • PowerPoint (.ppt)
  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Flash (.swf)

**Apple Macintosh Users

Please make sure that all inserted pictures are either JPEG or PNG file-types. Quicktime (.mov) files are also an accepted video format. Individuals using Apple Keynote will need to bring their files directly to the Presentation Room to have them correctly transferred to the system.

Video Formats

The recommended video format for Windows-based presentations is Windows Media (.wmv). For more detailed information regarding fonts, sound, video, and general compatibility, refer to


Personal laptops cannot be used in the session rooms. You must load your files via the online system or in the Presentation Room, W205A. However, support is available in the Presentation Room for file transfers from your laptop. You also should bring a backup of the presentation on alternate media (see list of acceptable presentation formats above). Please make sure you have all power, video, and networking adapters with you.

How to Submit Your Presentation

Advance Submission

Presenters received logininformation and credentials via e-mail. Online submission of your presentation files via Internet is not required, but is strongly encouraged. Presenters who send in their presentation files via the Web site will have faster check-in at the Presentation Room. Please make sure to upload all media files required for your presentation. Any videos, sounds, or fonts not included in your online upload folder will cause your presentation to fail in the meeting room.

On-site Submission

Check-in at the Presentation Room at least 24 hours before your session to submit your files and to preview your presentation. If checking in on the day prior to your session is not possible, you must check in at least four hours prior to the start of your session (note: this refers to the session start time, not the presentation start time). PSAV technicians will assist with the upload of your files and provide the opportunity to preview and/or edit the presentation as necessary.

Bring a Backup

Be sure to bring a backup copy of your presentation with you to the meeting. If you plan to upload files on-site, bring two copies.

Presentation Room

Checking in at the Presentation Room, W205A, is the most important step you will take to ensure a successful presentation.

All presenters are required to check-in to the Presentation Room, preferably the day before. If you are unavoidably delayed, you must still go directly to the Presentation Room. Do not bring a laptop or other media device to the session room.

When reviewing your presentation make sure all fonts, images, and animations appear as expected and that all audio or video clips are working properly. The computers in the session rooms are the same as the computers in the Presentation Room, therefore:


You may edit your presentation up to four hours prior to the session start time. When you are finished reviewing and/or making changes to your presentation, you must notify PSAV personnel that you have viewed your presentation file before you leave the Presentation Room. They will then transfer the updated file to the meeting room.


  • Presenters are required to provide identification in order to submit their presentation, as well as to access it in the Presentation Room.
  • Cameras and video equipment are not permitted in the Presentation Room.
  • All files are deleted at the end of the conference, unless permission has been granted to the conference association to retain the presentation files.

Contact Information

For questions regarding the online submission Web site or other technical issues, please contact Brian Reynolds via e-mail at or by phone 214.210.8037.

Rental of Additional Audio-Visual Equipment

Rental of a VCR, monitor, slide projector, audio systems, provision of extra power outlets, extra tables, stands, etc. can be handled for an additional cost. Costs for additional equipment will be billed to the presenting author. Please contact David Fuller at PSAV (, the conference audio-visual company, if you have questions about purchasing additional equipment.

Speaker Ready Room

A speaker ready or preparation room for you to practice your presentation or review prior to uploading will be available in room W106. It will be open during all hours of the meeting including Sunday from 13:00-21:00, then again Monday-Friday, 07:00-19:00 (closing at 17:00 on Friday).

During Your Oral Presentation

Each session room will be staffed with an AV technician to assist in starting each presentation. Once the presentation is launched, the presenter will control the program from the podium using a computer mouse or the up/down/right/left keys on a keyboard.

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