About the Meeting Image

Stony Coral reef, coast of IndonesiaThe image used in publications and material for the 2008 Ocean Sciences meeting is a picture of a stony coral reef off the coast of Indonesia.

Southeast Asian coral reefs have the highest levels of biodiversity in all the world's marine ecosystems. They serve many functions, such as forming the core of livelihood for subsistence fishermen and even function as jewelry and construction materials. However, those sensitive coral reefs are facing detrimental effects due to variety of factors: over fishing, sedimentation and pollution, bleaching, and even tourist-related damage.

Indonesia has 2,915,000 square kilometers of marine area; the reef area is 51,020 square kilometers. Of that amount, 82% of it is at risk. Indonesia holds 17% of the worlds total coral reef areas. Blast fishing, which has been illegal since 1985 still goes on today, along with cyanide fishing (1995), and murbami fishing. Another factor that is hurting the coral reefs in Indonesia is the amount of coral that they export. It is the worlds largest exporter of corals, exporting about 500 tons of coral per year.

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