Limnology and Oceanography, Methods Special Issue: Intercalibration in Chemical Oceanography

Gregory A. Cutter, Peter L. Croot, and Per S. Andersson, Associate Editors

This Special Issue, the first of its kind for the journal, is devoted to the topic of intercalibration as applied to chemical measurements in the ocean. Rather than giving a formal metrological definition of intercalibration, it is simply the open sharing of data and expertise by analysts to obtain the same, and hopefully accurate, value for a given parameter such as the concentration, isotopic composition, or chemical speciation of a trace element. Laboratories are said to be intercalibrated when they all get the same values within the experimental errors. It is important to note that this does not mean that each individual laboratory needs to be using the same analytical techniques or even sampling methods, it only is the final results that count; this will be evident in the special issue papers that follow. Most of the papers in this issue are a result of the intercalibration phase of GEOTRACES, an international program to examine the biogeochemistry of trace elements and isotopes (TEIs) in the worlds oceans. As so many countries are participating in GEOTRACES and sampling all oceans, it was essential that intercalibration included sampling and sample handling in addition to the analytical steps. Moreover, GEOTRACES studies TEIs in the dissolved and particulate phases, and their chemical forms or speciation, so these add even more to the complexity of performing an intercalibration. All of these aspects of intercalibration in the real ocean are touched upon in this special issue.

We thank the authors and all intercalibration participants for their hard work in this often overlooked part of chemical oceanography. More importantly, we thank the legions of reviewers who spent their precious time examining the manuscripts, and then submitting detailed comments that tremendously improved the works you read here. Finally, we thank the many nations whose science infrastructures funded this work, and the US National Science Foundation in particular, who funded both GEOTRACES Intercalibration Cruises (Grant OCE-0648408 to G. Cutter), and the editorial costs for this special volume (Grant OCE-0926092 to G. Cutter).

Table of Contents

Gregory A. Cutter
Intercalibration in chemical oceanography-Getting the right number
2013, 11:418-424
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Carl H. Lamborg, Chad R. Hammerschmidt, Gary A. Gill, Robert P. Mason, Susan Gichuki
An intercomparison of procedures for the determination of total mercury in seawater and recommendations regarding mercury speciation during GEOTRACES cruises
2012, 10:90-100
Abstract | PDF

Robert F. Anderson, Martin Q. Fleisher, Laura F. Robinson, R. Lawrence Edwards, John A. Hoff, S. Bradley Moran, Michiel Rutgers van der Loeff, Alexander L. Thomas, Matthieu Roy-Barman, Roger Francois
GEOTRACES intercalibration of 230Th, 232Th, 231Pa, and prospects for 10Be
2012, 10:179-213
Abstract | PDF

Tina van de Flierdt, Katharina Pahnke, GEOTRACES intercalibration participants: Hiroshi Amakawa, Per Andersson, Chandranath Basak, Barry Coles, Christophe Colin, Kirsty Crocket, Martin Frank, Norbert Frank, Steven L. Goldstein, Vineet Goswami, Brian A. Haley, Ed C. Hathorne, Sidney R. Hemming, Gideon M. Henderson, Catherine Jeandel, Kevin Jones, Katharina Kreissig, Francois Lacan, Myriam Lambelet, Ellen E. Martin, Derrick R. Newkirk, Haijme Obata, Leopoldo Pena, Alexander M. Piotrowski, Catherine Pradoux, Howie D. Scher, Hans Schöberg, Sunil Kumar Singh,Torben Stichel, Hirofumi Tazoe, Derek Vance, Jingjing Yang
GEOTRACES intercalibration of neodymium isotopes and rare earth element concentrations in seawater and suspended particles. Part 1: reproducibility of results for the international intercomparison
2012, 10:234-251
Abstract | PDF

Katharina Pahnke, Tina van de Flierdt, Kevin M. Jones, Myriam Lambelet, Sidney R. Hemming, Steven L. Goldstein
GEOTRACES intercalibration of neodymium isotopes and rare earth element concentrations in seawater and suspended particles. Part 2: Systematic tests and baseline profiles
2012, 10:252-269
Abstract | PDF

C. M. Zurbrick, P. L. Morton, C. Gallon, A. M. Shiller, W.M. Landing, A.R. Flegal
Intercalibration of Cd and Pb concentration measurements in the northwest Pacific Ocean
2012, 10:270-277
Abstract | PDF

Per S. Andersson, Hans Schöberg
Determination of 232Th and 230Th in seawater using a chemical separation procedure and thermal ionization mass spectrometry
2012, 10:296-303
Abstract | PDF

Hélène Planquette, Robert M. Sherrell
Sampling for particulate trace element determination using water sampling bottles: methodology and comparison to in situ pumps
2012, 10:367-388
Abstract | PDF

Gregory A. Cutter, Kenneth W. Bruland
Rapid and noncontaminating sampling system for trace elements in global ocean surveys
2012, 10:425-436
Abstract | PDF

Jessica N. Fitzsimmons, Edward A. Boyle
An intercalibration between the GEOTRACES GO-FLO and the MITESS/Vanes sampling systems for dissolved iron concentration analyses (and a closer look at adsorption effects)
2012, 10:437-450
Abstract | PDF

Matthew A. Charette, Henrieta Dulaiova, Meagan E. Gonneea, Paul B. Henderson, Willard S. Moore, Jan C. Scholten, M.K. Pham
GEOTRACES radium isotopes interlaboratory comparison experiment
2012, 10:451-463
Abstract | PDF | Erratum

Maureen E. Auro, Laura F. Robinson, Andrea Burke, Louisa I. Bradtmiller, Martin Q. Fleisher, Robert F.Anderson
Improvements to 232-thorium, 230-thorium, and 231-protactinium analysis in seawater arising from GEOTRACES intercalibration
2012, 10:464-474
Abstract | PDF

Kristen N. Buck, James Moffett, Katherine A. Barbeau, Randelle M. Bundy, Yoshiko Kondo, Jingfeng Wu
The organic complexation of iron and copper: an intercomparison of competitive ligand exchange-adsorptive cathodic stripping voltammetry (CLE-ACSV) techniques
2012, 10:496-515
Abstract | PDF

Louise Aastrup Zimmer, Gregory A. Cutter
High resolution determination of nanomolar concentrations of dissolved reactive phosphate in ocean surface waters using long path liquid waveguide capillary cells (LWCC) and spectrometric detection
2012, 10:568-580
Abstract | PDF

Timothy C. Kenna, Pere Masqué, José Luís Mas, Patricia Camara-Mor, Elena Chamizo, Jan Scholten, Mats Eriksson, Joan-Albert Sanchez-Cabeza, Janine Gastaud, Isabelle Levy, Jürgen Herrmann, Patric Lindahl, Gi-Hoon Hong, Sven Nielsen
Intercalibration of selected anthropogenic radionuclides for the GEOTRACES Program
2012, 10:590-607
Abstract | PDF

Matthew A. Charette, Henrieta Dulaiova, Meagan E. Gonneea, Paul B. Henderson, Willard S. Moore, Jan C. Scholten, M.K. Pham
Erratum: GEOTRACES radium isotopes interlaboratory comparison experiment
2012, 10:617

Mukul Sharma, Cynthia Chen, Tim Blazina
Osmium contamination of seawater samples stored in polyethylene bottles
2012, 10:618-630
Abstract | PDF

Kanchan Maiti, Ken O. Buesseler, Steven M. Pike, Claudia Benitez-Nelson, Pinghe Cai, Weifang Chen, Kirk Cochran, Minhan Dai, Frank Dehairs, Beat Gasser, Roger P. Kelly, Pere Masque, Lisa A. Miller, Juan Carlos Miquel, S. Bradley Moran, Paul J. Morris, Florian Peine, Frederic Planchon, Alisha A. Renfro, Michiel Rutgers van der Loeff, Peter H. Santschi, Robert Turnewitsch, James T. Waples, Chen Xu
Intercalibration studies of short-lived thorium-234 in the water column and marine particles
2012, 10:631-644
Abstract | PDF

Edward A. Boyle, Seth John, Wafa Abouchami, Jess F. Adkins, Yolanda Echegoyen-Sanz, Michael Ellwood, A. Russell Flegal, Kyrstin Fornace, Celine Gallon, Steve Galer, Melanie Gault-Ringold, Francois Lacan, Amandine Radic, Mark Rehkamper, Olivier Rouxel, Yoshiki Sohrin, Claudine Stirling, Claire Thompson, Derek Vance, Zichen Xue, Ye Zhao
GEOTRACES IC1 (BATS) contamination-prone trace element isotopes Cd, Fe, Pb, Zn, Cu, and Mo intercalibration
2012, 10:653-665
Abstract | PDF

James K.B. Bishop, Phoebe J. Lam, Todd J. Wood
Getting good particles: Accurate sampling of particles by large volume in-situ filtration
2012, 10:681-710
Abstract | PDF

Thomas Church, Sylvain Rigaud, Mark Baskaran, Anupam Kumar, Jana Friedrich, Pere Masque, Viena Puigcorbé, Guebuem Kim, Olivier Radakovitch, Gi Hong, Hiu Choi, Gillian Stewart
Intercalibration studies of 210Po and 210Pb in dissolved and particulate seawater samples
2012, 10:776-789
Abstract | PDF

Clifton S. Buck, Adina Paytan
Evaluation of commonly used filter substrates for the measurement of aerosol trace element solubility
2012, 10:790-806
Abstract | PDF

Peter L. Morton, William M. Landing, Shih-Chieh Hsu, Angela Milne, Ana M. Aguilar-Islas, Alex R. Baker, Andrew R. Bowie, Clifton S. Buck, Yuan Gao, Susan Gichuki, Meredith G. Hastings, Mariko Hatta, Anne M. Johansen, Rémi Losno, Chris Mead, Matthew D. Patey, Gretchen Swarr, Amanda Vandermark, Lauren M. Zamora
Methods for the sampling and analysis of marine aerosols: results from the 2008 GEOTRACES aerosol intercalibration experiment
2013, 11:62-78
Abstract | PDF

Mark Baskaran, Thomas Church, Gi Hong, Anupam Kumar, Ma Qiang, Hiu Choi, Sylvain Rigaud, Kanchan Maiti
Effects of flow rates and composition of the filter, and decay/ingrowth correction factors involved with the determination of in situ particulate 210Po and 210Pb in seawater
2013, 11:126-138
Abstract | PDF

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