Special Issues

Limnology and Oceanography: Methods will also publish groups of articles originating from a meeting, workshop or program. Special Issues must be focused on topics consistent with the goals of the journal, including methods development, intercomparison and intercalibration, or evaluation. Manuscripts submitted for publication in Special Issues will undergo the same peer review process as any other L&O:Methods manuscript.

Articles in the Special Issue will be published on the journal website in a separate section dedicated to the Special Issue. The organizers are encouraged to provide a brief introduction with the history, purpose and goals of the meeting or program.

Special Issues must be approved by both the Editor-in-Chief and the ASLO Board of Directors. The organizers should first contact the Editor-in-Chief and provide basic information regarding the proposed Special Issue. With the approval of the Editor-in-Chief, the organizers should then prepare a brief proposal (~3-5 pages) that will be presented to the Board with the Editor's recommendation. The proposal must:

  1. State the scientific justification for the Special Issue.
  2. Provide a rough outline of the possible papers and authors.
  3. Identify qualified associate editors for the Special Issue. These individuals must be free of any conflict of interest with the Special Issue organizers or probable contributors.
  4. Provide a strict timetable for submission of manuscripts.
  5. Agree that the Special Issue will be subject to normal journal procedures, including a rigorous peer review process and a strict timetable for manuscript revision.
  6. Identify how the publication costs would be paid. Please note that articles published in a special issue incur a surchage of 20% above the standard publication fee. The organizers should either demonstrate that sufficient funds are available, or state that authors have agreed in advance to pay all page charges.

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