Past Managing Editor

Susana Feng (2002-2014)

Past Associate Editors

Tommy D. Dickey (2002-2004)
University of California Santa Barbara
Lars Peter Nielsen (2002-2004)
University of Aarhus
James R. Karr (2002-2004)
University of Washington
Marlon Lewis (2002-2005)
Dalhousie University
Robert H. Byrne (2002-2006)
University of South Florida
Samantha B. Joye (2002-2006)
University of Georgia
Craig Cary (2002-2007)
College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware
Sally MacIntyre (2002-2007)
University of California at Santa Barbara
Mark Stacey (2005-2008)
University of California, Berkeley
Heidi M. Sosik (2002-2008)
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Larry Madin (2002-2009)
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
David Thistle (2002-2009)
Florida State University
Janet W. Campbell (2008-2010)
University of New Hampshire
Mark Benfield (2008-2011)
Louisiana State University
Jules S. Jaffe (2002-2011)
University of California, San Diego
Richard Zepp (2002-2012)
U.S. EPA, Athens
Rob Wheatcroft (2002-2012)
Oregon State University
Gerhard J. Herndl, (2008-2013)
Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

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