Table of Contents, Volume 7, 2009


Matt R. Whiles, Alexander D. Huryn, Brad W. Taylor, John D. Reeve
Influence of handling stress and fasting on estimates of ammonium excretion by tadpoles and fish: recommendations for designing excretion experiments
2009, 7:1-7
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Olivier Blanpain, Pascal Bailly du Bois, Philippe Cugier, Robert Lafite, Michel Lunven, Jacky Dupont, Erwan Le Gall, Julien Legrand, Pascal Pichavant
Dynamic sediment profile imaging (DySPI): a new field method for the study of dynamic processes at the sediment-water interface
2009, 7:8-20
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

L.D. Pickell, M. L. Wells, C.G. Trick, W.P. Cochlan
A sea-going continuous culture system for investigating phytoplankton community response to macro- and micro-nutrient manipulations
2009, 7:21-32
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Erdem M. Karaköylü, Peter J.S. Franks, Yuji Tanaka, Paul L. D. Roberts, Jules S. Jaffe
Copepod feeding quantified by planar laser imaging of gut fluorescence
2009, 7:33-41
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Julia Diaz, Ellery Ingall, Stefan Vogt, Martin D. de Jonge, David Paterson, Christoph Rau, Jay A. Brandes
Characterization of phosphorus, calcium, iron, and other elements in organisms at sub-micron resolution using X-ray fluorescence spectromicroscopy
2009, 7:42-51
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

P.K. Curtis-Jackson, G. Massé, M. Gledhill, M.F. Fitzsimons
Characterisation of low molecular weight dissolved organic nitrogen by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionisation-mass spectrometry
2009, 7:52-63
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

L.A. Roland, M.D. McCarthy, T.D. Peterson, B.D. Walker
A large-volume microfiltration system for isolating suspended particulate organic matter: fabrication and assessment versus GFF filters in central North Pacific
2009, 7:64-80
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

William C. Hockaday, Jeremiah M. Purcell, Alan G. Marshall, Jeffery A. Baldock, and Patrick G. Hatcher
Electrospray and photoionization mass spectrometry for the characterization of organic matter in natural waters: a qualitative assessment
2009, 7:81-95
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Brian D. Dickman, Donald R. Webster, Jennifer L. Page, and Marc J. Weissburg
Three-dimensional odorant concentration measurements around actively tracking blue crabs
2009, 7:96-108
Abstract | PDF | Appendix 1 (AVI) | Appendix 2 (AVI) (Open Access)

Gisle Nondal, Richard G. J. Bellerby, Are Olsenc, Truls Johannessena, and Jón Olafssond
Optimal evaluation of the surface ocean CO2 system in the northern North Atlantic using data from voluntary observing ships
2009, 7:109-118
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Bryan D. Downing, Emmanuel Boss, Brian A. Bergamaschi, Jacob A. Fleck, Megan A. Lionberger, Neil K. Ganju, David H. Schoellhamer, and Roger Fujii
Quantifying fluxes and characterizing compositional changes of dissolved organic matter in aquatic systems in situ using combined acoustic and optical measurements
2009, 7:119-131
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Carole M. Sakamoto, Kenneth S. Johnson, Luke J. Coletti
Improved algorithm for the computation of nitrate concentrations in seawater using an in situ ultraviolet spectrophotometer
2009, 7:132-143
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


J. N. Plant, K. S. Johnson, J. A. Needoba, and L. J. Coletti
NH4-Digiscan: an in situ and laboratory ammonium analyzer for estuarine, coastal and shelf waters
2009, 7:144-156
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

M. Dale Stokes and Grant B. Deane
Automated processing of coral reef benthic images
2009, 7:157-168
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Qian Liao, Harvey A. Bootsma, Jianen Xiao, J.Val Klump, Andrew Hume, Matthew H. Long, and Peter Berg
Development of an in situ underwater particle image velocimetry (UWPIV) system
2009, 7:169-184
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Craig R. Tobias, John Karl Böhlke, Judson W. Harvey, Eurybiades Busenberg
A simple technique for continuous measurement of time-variable gas transfer in surface waters
2009, 7:185-195
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Richard N. Peterson, William C. Burnett, Natasha Dimova, Isaac R. Santos
Comparison of measurement methods for radium-226 on manganese-fiber
2009, 7:196-205
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Mark A. Teece
An inexpensive remotely operated vehicle for underwater studies
2009, 7:206-215
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Adam W. Heinze and Robert W. Sanders
Novel temperature gradient incubator to study the effects of temperature on motile aquatic organisms
2009, 7:216-221
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

S. Paul Hansard and William M. Landing
Determination of iron(II) in acidified seawater samples by luminol chemiluminescence
2009, 7:222-234
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Stace E. Beaulieu, Lauren S. Mullineaux, Diane K. Adams, Susan W. Mills
Comparison of a sediment trap and plankton pump for time-series sampling of larvae near deep-sea hydrothermal vents
2009, 7:235-248
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

David E. John, Brian L. Zielinski, and John H. Paul
Creation of a pilot metatranscriptome library from eukaryotic plankton of a eutrophic bay (Tampa Bay, Florida)
2009, 7:249-259
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Sheri A. Floge, Kathleen R. Hardy, Emmanuel Boss, and Mark L. Wells
Analytical intercomparison between type I and type II long-pathlength liquid core waveguides for the measurement of chromophoric dissolved organic matter
2009, 7:260-268
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Robert J. Panetta, Yves Gélinas
Expressing biomarker data in stoichiometric terms: shifts in distribution and biogeochemical interpretation
2009, 7:269-276
Abstract | PDF | Appendix 1 | Appendix 2 (Excel file) (Open Access)

Michel Lavoie, Jonathan Bernier, Claude Fortin, and Peter G.C. Campbell
Cell homogenization and subcellular fractionation in two phytoplanktonic algae: implications for the assessment of metal subcellular distributions
2009, 7:277-286
Abstract | PDF | Appendix 1 (Open Access)

Oscar Guadayol, Francesc Peters, Jan Erik Stiansen, Cèlia Marrasé, Atle Lohrmann
Evaluation of oscillating grids and orbital shakers as means to generate isotropic and homogeneous small-scale turbulence in laboratory enclosures commonly used in plankton studies
2009, 7:287-303
Abstract | PDF | Appendix 1 (Open Access)

Pascal Lehette and Santiago Hernández-León
Zooplankton biomass estimation from digitized images: a comparison between subtropical and Antarctic organisms
2009, 7:304-308
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Ilia Ostrovsky
Hydroacoustic assessment of fish abundance in the presence of gas bubbles
2009, 7:309-318
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


K.C. Ruttenberg, N.O. Ogawa, F. Tamburini, R.A. Briggs, N.D. Colasacco and E. Joyce
Improved, high-throughput approach for phosphorus speciation in natural sediments via the SEDEX sequential extraction method
2009, 7:319-333
Abstract | PDF | Appendix 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (Open Access)

James J Pierson, Bruce W. Frost, David Thoreson, Andrew W. Leising, James R. Postel, Mikelle Nuwer
Trapping migrating zooplankton
2009, 7:334-346
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Fernando P. Lima and David S. Wethey
Robolimpets: measuring intertidal body temperatures using biomimetic loggers
2009, 7:347-353
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Melissa M. Omand, Falk Feddersen, David B. Clark, Peter J.S. Franks, James J. Leichter, and R.T. Guza
Influence of bubbles and sand on chlorophyll-a fluorescence measurements in the surfzone
2009, 7:354-362
Abstract | PDF | Appendix 1 (Open Access)

Mary A. Sewell and Jennifer A. Jury
Desalination plants as plankton sampling devices in temporal studies: proof-of-concept and suggestions for the future
2009, 7:363-370
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Niels Peter Revsbech, Lars Hauer Larsen, Jens Gundersen, Tage Dalsgaard, Osvaldo Ulloa, and Bo Thamdrup
Determination of ultra-low oxygen concentrations in oxygen minimum zones by the STOX sensor
2009, 7:371-381
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Alexandra Barofsky, Charles Vidoudez, Georg Pohnert
Metabolic profiling reveals growth stage variability in diatom exudates
2009, 7:382-390
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Kaelin M. Cawley, J. Alexandra Hakala, Yu-Ping Chin
Evaluating the triplet state photoreactivity of dissolved organic matter isolated by chromatography and ultrafiltration using an alkylphenol probe molecule
2009, 7:391-398
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Michael Hupfer, Dominik Zak, Reingard Roßberg, Christiane Herzog, Rosemarie Pöthig
Evaluation of a well-established sequential phosphorus fractionation technique for use in calcite-rich lake sediments: identification and prevention of artifacts due to apatite formation
2009, 7:399-410
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Tara Hooper and Christopher C. Parrish
Profiling neutral lipids in individual fish larvae by using short-column gas chromatography with flame ionization detection
2009, 7:411-418
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Saijin Zhang and Peter H. Santschi
Application of cross-flow ultrafiltration for isolating exopolymeric substances from a marine diatom (Amphora sp.)
2009, 7:419-429
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Cornelia Jaspers and Jacob Carstensen
Effect of acid Lugol solution as preservative on two representative chitineous and gelatinous zooplankton groups
2009, 7:430-435
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Michael D. Delong and James H. Thorp
Mollusc shell periostracum as an alternative to tissue in isotopic studies
2009, 7:436-441
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Alexey Kamyshny, Jr.
Improved cyanolysis protocol for detection of zero-valent sulfur in natural aquatic systems
2009, 7:442-448
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Sven Uthicke, Lyndon Llewellyn, Florian Eder
Fluorescent lectin assay to quantify particulate marine polysaccharides on 96-well filtration plates
2009, 7:449-458
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Sandra Martínez-García, Emilio Fernández, María Aranguren-Gassis, Eva Teira
In vivo electron transport system activity: a method to estimate respiration in natural marine microbial planktonic communities
2009, 7:459-469
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


François Fripiat, Rudolph Corvaisier, Jacques Navez, Marc Elskens, Véronique Schoemann, Karine Leblanc, Luc André, Damien Cardinal
Measuring production-dissolution rates of marine biogenic silica by 30Si-isotope dilution using a high-resolution sector field inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer
2009, 7:470-478
Abstract (Open Access)

Christel S. Hassler and Véronique Schoemann
Discriminating between intra- and extracellular metals using chemical extractions: an update on the case of iron
2009, 7:479-489
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Fredrik Larson, Helen Lubarsky, Sabine U. Gerbersdorf, David M. Paterson
Surface adhesion measurements in aquatic biofilms using magnetic particle induction: MagPI
2009, 7:490-497
Abstract | PDF | Appendix 1 (Open Access)

Stephen M. Powers, Emily H. Stanley, and Noah R. Lottig
Quantifying phosphorus uptake using pulse and steady-state approaches in streams
2009, 7:498-508
Abstract | PDF | Appendix 1 (Open Access)

Andreas Rueckert and S. Craig Cary
Use of an armored RNA standard to measure microcystin synthetase E gene expression in toxic Microcystis sp. by reverse-transcription QPCR
2009, 7:509-520
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Barry C. Smith, Agneta Persson, and Gary H. Wikfors
A particle separator used to concentrate Dinoflagellate cysts from sediment
2009, 7:521-526
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Christian Rinke and Raymond W. Lee
Macro camera temperature logger array for deep-sea hydrothermal vent and benthic studies
2009, 7:527-534
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

James A. Rusak and Pamela K. Montz
Sampling requirements and the implications of reduced sampling effort for the estimation of annual zooplankton population and community dynamics in north temperate lakes
2009, 7:535-544
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Evgenia Ryabenko, Mark A. Altabet, and Douglas W.R. Wallace
Effect of chloride on the chemical conversion of nitrate to nitrous oxide for δ15N analysis
2009, 7:545-552
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Amy M. Kamarainen, Hengliang Yuan, Chin H. Wu, and Stephen R. Carpenter
Estimates of phosphorus entrainment in Lake Mendota: a comparison of one-dimensional and three-dimensional approaches
2009, 7:553-567
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Lars Wormer, David Carrasco, Samuel Cirés, and Antonio Quesada
Advances in solid phase extraction of the cyanobacterial toxin cylindrospermopsin
2009, 7:568-575
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Peter Berg, Ronnie N. Glud, Andrew Hume, Henrik Stahl, Kazumasa Oguri, Volker Meyer, and Hiroshi Kitazato
Eddy correlation measurements of oxygen uptake in deep ocean sediments
2009, 7:576-584
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

David T. Elliott and Kam W. Tang
Simple staining method for differentiating live and dead marine zooplankton in field samples
2009, 7:585-594
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Jacqueline Stefels, John W.H. Dacey, and J. Theo M. Elzenga
In vivo DMSP-biosynthesis measurements using stable-isotope incorporation and proton-transfer-reaction mass spectrometry(PTR-MS)
2009, 7:595-611
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Nicole A. Dijkman, Henricus T. S. Boschker, Jack J. Middelburg, Jacco C. Kromkamp
Group-specific primary production based on stable-isotope labeling of phospholipid-derived fatty acids
2009, 7:612-625
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Ketil Koop-Jakobsen and Anne E. Giblin
New approach for measuring denitrification in the rhizosphere of vegetated marsh sediments
2009, 7:626-637
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Timothy W. Blake and John A. Downing
Measuring atmospheric nutrient deposition to inland waters: Evaluation of direct methods
2009, 7:638-647
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Samantha E. Simmons, Yann Tremblay, and Daniel P. Costa
Pinnipeds as ocean-temperature samplers: calibrations, validations, and data quality
2009, 7:648-656
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Michal Raz-Bahat, Hanny Faibish, Tali Mass, and Baruch Rinkevich
Three-dimensional laser scanning as an efficient tool for coral surface area measurements
2009, 7:657-663
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Jean-Olivier Irisson, Cédric Guigand, Claire B. Paris
Detection and quantification of marine larvae orientation in the pelagic environment
2009, 7:664-672
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Alan D. Wanamaker Jr., Andy Baker, Paul G. Butler, Christopher A. Richardson, James D. Scourse, Iain Ridgway, and David J. Reynolds
A novel method for imaging internal growth patterns in marine mollusks: A fluorescence case study on the aragonitic shell of the marine bivalve Arctica islandica (Linnaeus)
2009, 7:673-681
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Aurélie Godrant, Andrew L. Rose, Géraldine Sarthou, and T. David Waite
New method for the determination of extracellular production of superoxide by marine phytoplankton using the chemiluminescence probes MCLA and red-CLA
2009, 7:682-692
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

David C. Depew, Andrew W. Stevens, Ralph E.H. Smith, and Robert E. Hecky
Detection and characterization of benthic filamentous algal stands (Cladophora sp.) on rocky substrata using a high-frequency echosounder
2009, 7:693-705
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Angela Milne, Margaret S. Davey, Paul J. Worsfold, Eric P. Achterberg, Alison R. Taylor
Real-time detection of reactive oxygen species generation by marine phytoplankton using flow injection-chemiluminescence
2009, 7:706-715
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)


Stephanie A. Jaeger, Brian M. Gaas, Gary P. Klinkhammer, and James W. Ammerman
Multiple Enzyme Analyzer (MEA): Steps toward the in situ detection of microbial community ectoenzyme activities
2009, 7:716-729
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Jay A. Brandes
Rapid and precise δ13C measurement of dissolved inorganic carbon in natural waters using liquid chromatography coupled to an isotope-ratio mass spectrometer
2009, 7:730-739
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Yoshito Chikaraishi, Nanako O. Ogawa, Yuichiro Kashiyama, Yoshinori Takano, Hisami Suga, Akiko Tomitani, Hideaki Miyashita, Hiroshi Kitazato, and Naohiko Ohkouchi
Determination of aquatic food-web structure based on compound-specific nitrogen isotopic composition of amino acids
2009, 7:740-750
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Elisabete Barbarino and Sergio O. Lourenço
Comparison of CHN analysis and Hach acid digestion to quantify total nitrogen in marine organisms
2009, 7:751-760
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Niels Peter Revsbech and Ronnie Nøhr Glud
Biosensor for laboratory and lander-based analysis of benthic nitrate plus nitrite distribution in marine environments
2009, 7:761-770
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Sabine Schultes and Rubens M. Lopes
Laser Optical Plankton Counter and Zooscan intercomparison in tropical and subtropical marine ecosystems
2009, 7:771-784
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Towe Holmborn, Kristin Dahlgren, Claire Holeton, Hedvig Hogfors, and Elena Gorokhova
Biochemical proxies for growth and metabolism in Acartia bifilosa (Copepoda, Calanoida)
2009, 7:785-794
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Ricardo N.M.J. Páscoa, Ildikó V. Tóth, and António O.S.S. Rangel
Sequential injection trace determination of iron in natural waters using a long-pathlength liquid core waveguide and different spectrophotometric chemistries
2009, 7:795-802
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Emmanuel Boss, Lisa Taylor, Sherryl Gilbert, Kjell Gundersen, Nathan Hawley, Carol Janzen, Tom Johengen, Heidi Purcell, Charles Robertson, Daniel W. H. Schar, G. Jason Smith, and Mario N. Tamburri
Comparison of inherent optical properties as a surrogate for particulate matter concentration in coastal waters
2009, 7:803-810
Abstract | PDF | Appendix (Open Access)


Luc Claessens and Christina L. Tague
Transport-based method for estimating in-stream nitrogen uptake at ambient concentration from nutrient addition experiments
2009, 7:811-822
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

R. Przeslawski and M. A. McArthur
Novel method to concurrently sample the planktobenthos and benthos
2009, 7:823-832
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Elizabete Almeida, Michael Dowd, Joanna Mills Flemming, and William K.W. Li
Extraction of interannual trends in seasonal events for ecological time series
2009, 7:833-847
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Richard G. Keil and Jacquelyn A. Neibauer
Analysis of cooking spices in natural waters
2009, 7:848-855
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Claus-Peter Stelzer
Automated system for sampling, counting, and biological analysis of rotifer populations
2009, 7:856-864
Abstract | PDF (Open Access)

Hong-Po Dong, Da-Zhi Wang, Minhan Dai, Leo Lai Chan, Hua-Sheng Hong
Shotgun proteomics: Tools for analysis of marine particulate proteins
2009, 7:865-874
Abstract | PDF | Appendix (Open Access)

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