Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the publication process take?
The median times of various parts of the publication process are shown below and reflect values for 2012. A substantial part of the total time from submission to final publication is spent in the authors' hands.
--Submission to first decision: 90 days (in review)
--First decision to resubmission of revised version: 52 days (with authors)
--Resubmission to final decision: 7 days (with editor/in review)
--Acceptance to publication: 42 days (at copyedit/composition services, and proofs with authors)
Median time from submission to publication: 246 days

What is the journal's acceptance rate?
The acceptance rate for L&O: Methods was 45% for manuscripts submitted during 2012.

What is the publication cost to authors?
Page charges are designed to pass a portion of the total cost of publication on to authors. In 2012, the average cost of publication was $140 per page, of which authors paid an average of only $58 per page, including optional free access publication fees.

Is L&O:Methods indexed in ISI Web of Science?
Yes! L&O:Methods was submitted to ISI for evaluation on 19 May 2004, and after a lengthy evaluation process was accepted for indexing early in 2005. Volumes 2 through the present are included in Web of Science. L&O: Methods is also indexed by all of the major search engines.