Contemporary Issues in Limnology and Oceanography e-Lectures

Contemporary Issues lectures are solicited for ideas or events on topics in Limnology and Oceanography that are in the news and highly relevant to the general public. For example, issues such as invasive species, impacts of warming temperatures on aquatic ecosystems, contaminant loading, eutrophication, toxic algae, ocean acidification, oil spills, or fisheries crashes would be considered timely submissions. Both a broad overview lecture (one class period) as well a small suite (i.e. three to five class periods) of detailed lectures will be offered with the Contemporary Issues lectures.

PowerPoint is required to view these e-Lectures. In some cases, a lecture may be linked to multimedia files in order to play (these files are included in the ZIP file). Full lectures are available to members only. Partial PDF versions are provided as previews of the complete Powerpoint lectures.

Topic: Ocean Acidification

Overview lecture:

Feely, Richard A., and Scott C. Doney. 2011. Ocean Acidification: The Other CO2 Problem.
Limnol. Oceanogr. e-Lectures, doi:10.4319/lol.2011.rfeely_sdoney.5
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Detailed lectures:

* A. Dickson. The carbon dioxide system in seawater: Equilibrium chemistry and measurements

* D. Hutchins. Ocean acidification and marine biogeochemistry

* J. Barry, W. Miller. Ocean acidification and implications for marine ecosystems

* C. Langdon. Performing ocean acidification experiments

Topic: Oil in the Marine Environment

Overview lecture:

* Mandy Joye. Overview of oil in the marine environment: sources and effects

Detailed lectures:

* Mandy Joye. Severe oil spills: historic

* Mandy Joye. Severe oil spills: recent

* coming soon

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