Ad hoc Committees

Please volunteer for ASLO committee service!

Ad hoc committees are formed to assess specific questions and problems, and exist until their mission is accomplished or for three years, whichever is less. Input from new committee members is always welcome and needed. If you would like more information about a particular committee, please contact the President.

Strategic Planning

Linda Duguay, Chair
John Downing
Paty Matrai

Membership Fidelity Gillian Stewart, Chair (to 12/17)
Amy Burgess (to 12/18)
John Downing (to 12/18)
Linda Duguay (to 12/18)
Miguel Mateo (to 12/18)
Susanne Menden-Deuer (to 12/18)
Liz Harvey (to 12/18)
Adrienne Sponberg (to 12/18)