Bulletin May 2016
May Issue of the L&O Bulletin is Online
The May issue of the L&O Bulletin is now available at Wiley Online. ASLO members, log in at the ASLO website first! The May issue includes an article about marine genetic resources, a biography of John Martin, news of the society, ASLO awards, and meeting highlights.
Election 2016!
The annual election of new ASLO Board members is underway! In Spring 2016, voting will be for:
One President-elect (three candidates)
One Member-at-large (four candidates)
Members also are asked to approve a small but important change to the ASLO Bylaws to allow the elected Board of Directors greater flexibility to modify committee charges as ASLO's business and operational requirements evolve and change.
SciComm Wordle
2016 ASLO Science Communication Internship
ASLO is pleased to announce the 2016 ASLO Science Communication Internship. The internship will provide exposure to the many forms of science communication over a 14-week period beginning in September 2016 in the Washington, D.C. area. This is a paid internship and is available to current or recent graduate students in the aquatic sciences.
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Aquatic Sciences Meeting 2017
In 2017, ASLO will be returning to Honolulu to convene its biennial Aquatic Sciences Meeting. We welcome proposals for special sessions on topics relevant to freshwater and marine systems and encourage submissions that examine connectivity across aquatic habitats at global, local, and microbial scales. We hope that you will consider developing an idea for a special session that will contribute to a lively conference.
2016 ASLO Global Outreach Initiative
ASLO is now accepting applications for the 2016 ASLO Global Outreach Initiative. The program provides funds to ASLO members to conduct outreach events in their local community, with preference given to regions outside of the United States. Proposals are due July 1.
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Announcing the launch of L&O Letters
ASLO's newest journal, L&O Letters, is now open for submissions! Fully open access, L&O Letters will publish letters, essays, and current evidence articles on any aquatic systems scaling from molecules to global cycles.
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2016 ASLO Awards
Each year, ASLO honors a number of scientists for their exceptional work in advancing the fields of limnology and oceanography. The 2016 awards were presented at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, and at the ASLO Summer Meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Congratulations to our ASLO awardees!
New Deputy Editor of L&O Bulletin
ASLO is pleased to announce that Dr. Chris Filstrup has been appointed as the Deputy Editor of the Limnology & Oceanography Bulletin. ASLO President Jim Elser praised the selection of Filstrup, "I welcome Chris to the ASLO team and am really looking forward to see how he can bring the Bulletin to an even higher level of impact and benefit for ASLO members."