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Thank you for your subscription to the ASLO journals. Access to the ASLO journals is governed by the terms of the ASLO Site License. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the terms of the Site License. Please read the terms of the Site License before proceeding.
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Before entering the range of network addresses ("IP addresses") from which your institution wishes to access the ASLO journals, please read the following and ensure that the addresses to be entered conform to the following guidelines:

Access will be granted to a range or ranges of IP addresses representing a single campus or institutional site. Access is granted to the faculty, staff, students, alumni, library patrons and other authorized users of the Institution, provided that they access the Journal from an authorized IP address. Distance learners, alumni, and other off-campus affiliates may access the Journal if their Internet access is through the campus network or via a secure proxy server that falls within the authorized IP address range.

This agreement does NOT permit use of the Journal on more than one campus, including multiple campuses that are members of an institutional system, or sharing of this resource among a regional consortium. If ASLO at any time determines that the range of IP addresses claimed by the Institution represents more than one campus, it may terminate this Agreement immediately by notice to the Institution. In some cases and solely at ASLO's discretion, access may be granted to facilities that are physically separated from the main campus of an Institution, but are administratively part of the Institution.

Please use the form below to provide up to ten ranges of IP addresses. You will also need the Subscriber ID number provided by the ASLO Business Office. If you do not know your ID number, please contact the Business Office at

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