Student Opportunity Announcements

Graduate Student Position, Marine Environmental Genomics

Marine Environmental Genomics has emerged as a new and exciting field that seeks to
understand how marine community composition and gene function are influenced by
environmental conditions while accounting for variability within natural
populations. We are a phytoplankton ecophysiology and genomics lab in the UNC
Marine Sciences Department seeking a highly motivated graduate student to join
our group. The graduate student will be expected to work as part of a team to analyze large
sequence datasets from eukaryotic and prokaryotic plankton communities within a
dynamic coastal estuary obtained by high-throughput sequencing technologies. A
primary aim of the project is to integrate specific contextual environmental data
to facilitate a large comparative metatranscriptomic study and ecological
network analysis. Desired skills include knowledge of the unix/linux command
line, and computer languages such as R, Python,  Perl, and biostatistical approaches. Suitable
backgrounds for applicants include marine sciences, biology, environmental
sciences, biostatistics, bioinformatics or computational sciences-related
fields. For further information about the lab, visit our website at
The graduate student has the option of applying through the Department of
Marine Sciences ( or the Curriculum of Bioinformatics
and Computational Biology ( To be considered for a UNC Graduate
School fellowship, applications to the UNC Graduate School (
are due by December 17th, 2013. Please contact Dr. Adrian Marchetti
( for further information.