Student Opportunity Announcements

Graduate student assistantship, benthic ecology

A graduate student position (PhD preferred) is available to
work with Dr. Kelly Dorgan at Dauphin Island Sea Lab. I am looking for a
student with broad interests in benthic ecology and strong math and physics
skills. Research in the lab integrates ecology, biomechanics (including
engineering theory and methods), and invertebrate behavior, morphology and
physiology. My main focus is on animal-sediment interactions, including
mechanics and energetics of burrowing and functional morphology of burrowers.
Potential projects could include (but are not limited to) the effects of body
size on burrowing mechanics and behaviors, sub-lethal effects of hypoxia on
worm behaviors and sediment structure, or interactions between bottom boundary
layer flow and sediment structure. More information is available at

Applicants should have a degree in biology, marine science,
or a similar field and independent research experience. A strong background in
physics or engineering, experience with computer programming, microscopy, and/or
field experience are preferred. The
student will join the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of South
Alabama, and must meet eligibility requirements for the department.
The student will receive two years of research assistantship stipend (including
tuition and fees); funding in subsequent years could be through either research
or teaching assistantships. A PhD student is preferred, but highly qualified MS
students will be considered.

Interested students should contact Dr. Kelly Dorgan ( with a CV and brief
statement of research interests and experience.