Student Opportunity Announcements

PhD positions in 'Oceanography and Climate Change'

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

I am seeking one or two motivated doctoral students to join my ocean/climate modeling group at UPenn. Possible scientific research directions include:

- The role of the Southern Ocean physics in the global energy and carbon budgets.
- Impact of climate change on ocean physics, biogeochemistry (nutrients, carbon, oxygen) and ecology. How do changes in ocean physics, ecology and chemistry affect the sink for atmospheric CO2 and how will decadal to millenial changes in that sink affect in turn climate?
- Development of theoretical understanding on what controls the oceanic sink for atmospheric CO2.
- Including evolutionary concepts and functional traits into ecological models and coupling them to comprehensive global climate models.
- Satellite data analysis of ocean physics and biology.

Applicants must be self-motivated and hard working, with good written and verbal communication skills. A strong background in either physics, chemistry, oceanography, or atmospheric science is ideal. Past programming experience under the Linux environment (especially programming in Fortran, Matlab or Python) is highly desirable.

If interested please contact Dr. Irina Marinov at Full applications for the graduate program in the Earth and Environmental Science Department are due December 15th 2013. Please include in your application a CV, transcripts, general GRE scores, writing samples, and an essay detailing your specific interests in this field, as well as your relevant science and computational experience.

Irina Marinov
Assistant Prof
Dept of Earth and Environmental Science
University of Pennsylvania