Ph.D. opportunities, Stable isotope biogeochemistry

Applications are invited for PhD research assistantships in the Elliott Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry Laboratory, Department of Geology & Planetary Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA). We are seeking new graduate students to join our dynamic and interdisciplinary research group dedicated to using stable isotope geochemistry to examine nitrogen dynamics in atmospheric-ecosystem-hydrologic systems. Specific projects include examination of reactive nitrogen dynamics in urban watersheds, quantifying fluxes and sources of atmospheric deposition, tracking sources of nitrogen eutrophication to surface waters, quantifying gaseous nitrogen fluxes from watersheds, and assessing the impact of non-conventional natural gas extraction activities (Marcellus) on the nitrogen status of regional ecosystems. Our work spans Earth systems and land use types (including forested watersheds, agricultural ecosystems, and urban watersheds).

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