Position Announcements

Software Engineer for Marine Obsevatory

The Saudi Aramco Marine Environmental Research Center at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is seeking a Software Engineer for Marine Sciences. The software engineer will
be instrumental in overseeing the software and database systems for the Center. This effort covers a broad scope of effort that includes embedded systems, telemetered data streams, workflows for various types of oceanographic instrumentation and sampling regimes, a database structure to organize the data flows and to persist oceanographic data, and connectivity with an operational GIS capability.

The responsibilities for the position include:

- Develop workflows for data streams from oceanographic autonomous
vehicles, remote sensor sites (e.g. HF radars, moorings, etc), and other

-  Collaborate with hardware engineers for development of embedded systems
to manage, monitor, and telemeter remote instrumentation.

- Interface workflows from scientific instrumentation and measurements
with GIS database and analysis system.

- Development and implementation of a relational database system for
archiving historical, present and future data sets from marine biological and oceanographic research.

- Develop real-time, web-based display system for operational
oceanographic observation system that is providing multiple data streams from instrumentation and from operational 3-dimensional models.

- Work with scientists and engineers to develop new capabilities for data measurement, telemetry, assimilation into operational models and archiving.

We are looking candidates with the following capabilities:

- History of working independently

- Java, Maven, Vaadin and Apache Tomcat

- Experience with C on embedded systems
Unix/Linux based operating system experience
Relational Databases
- Object Oriented Design
The following capabilities are desirable, but
not essential
  MSP430 (or
equivalent) Microcontrollers

Specific requirements for the position include:

- Bachelor Degree in computer science, engineering or related
Experience with oceanographic instrumentation, telemetered networks,
and  embedded systems is desirable.
- Familiar with scientific research is desired, particularly in marine or
environmental science.

- 2-5 years of experience in a related efforts.

For more information about this position, please contact Burt Jones, Director (burt.jones@kaust.edu.sa) and to apply please visit
http://www.kaust.edu.sa/ (employment – search for jobs – search openings).