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Postdoctoral Researcher: analysis of data for plankton biodiversity

Available Position: Marine Ecosystem Research Team in Environmental Biogeochemical Cycle Research Program (EBCRP), RIGC will be recruiting 1 Postdoctoral Researcher.
We invite applicants to engage in research and development as part of the project "Developing a new ecosystem model to represent the adaptive capacity of plankton ecosystems in the North Pacific", which was recently funded by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) within the research area "Establishment of core technology for the preservation and regeneration of marine biodiversity and ecosystems" of the Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology (CREST) Program. This position will be based at the Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences, within the Marine Ecosystem Research Team of the Environmental Biogeochemical Cycles Research Program of the Research Institute for Global Change, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), where the research project is to be conducted.

This project aims to develop new and efficient models of the dynamics of phytoplankton and zooplankton communities, considering their interactions with each other and with the physical environment. The concept of optimality (as a result of natural selection) subject to ecophysiological trade-offs will be central to the modeling approach. Although a background in theoretical ecology is not essential, interest in this field would be beneficial. In collaboration with other team members, the successful candidate will conduct research into how plankton biodiversity varies depending on the physical and chemcial environment of the ocean, employing statistical/numerical analysis of large data sets of oceanic observations of phytoplankton and zooplankton, e.g., from Continuous Plankton Recorders (CPR),oceanic research cruises, and remote sensing. This will include compiling a database from various sources, including other existing databases, published literature, and observations conducted by JAMSTEC researchers. Knowledge of, or interest in, theoretical ecology is desirable, as it would be useful for interpreting the findings.

The successful candidate will be expected to publish scientific results, within the scope of this project, in international peer-reviewed journals.

For details of the EBCRP please visit http://www.jamstec.go.jp/rigc/e/ebcrp/index.html, and for more about the research please see the webpage of the Principal Investigator for this research project, S. Lan Smith, http://www.jamstec.go.jp/res/ress/lanimal/.
* There may be change in affiliation in case of reorganization in the Agency.

1.Applicant is required to hold a Ph.D. degree in related field within five years prior to the date of employment, or expected to obtain a Ph.D. degree in related field by the date of employment.
2. Willingness to learn further skills and approaches as necessary for investigating spatio- temporal changes in plankton biodiversity in relation with physical and chemical environments.

Relevant research fields: Numerical Ecology, Biological Oceanography, Long-term Ecosystem Change Study, Plankton Ecology

For further details see the link to the advertisement posted by JAMSTEC.