Position Announcements

Aquatic Ecologist

The Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory will be seeking a phytoplankton/harmful algal bloom (HAB) ecologist to work on the Great Lakes.

The candidate whould have specialized skills in phytoplankton ecology and/or harmful algal bloom ecology with cross-training in molecular biology and will be expected to develop a research program focusing on water quality, harmful algal blooms, and phytoplankton ecology as they pertain to food web dynamics and human health issues in the Great Lakes. The applicant should have demonstrated experience in molecular techniques such as polymerase chain reaction, basic DNa nad RNA isolation and quantification (e.g. qPCR/qRT-PCR), cDNA or genomic library construction, gene expression (e.g., DNA microarrays, EST analysis), microsatellite DNA or SNP development and genotyping, and in situ hybridization. Experience with aquatic food webs is also desirable. Exellent communication skills are required to convey complex modecular biology/ecology concepts to researchers and stakeholders of different backgrounds.

For further information contact: Henry.Vanderploeg@noaa.gov

The announcement for this permanent GS-12 position with a starting salary of $74,794 will be coming soon to www.usajobs.gov. The position will be open to all U.S. citizens.