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Principal Investigator

Two Principal Investigator Positions, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

Bigelow Laboratory invites applications for two Senior Research Scientist positions associated with the three centers of research in the Laboratory’s new Ocean Science and Education Campus.  The targeted research areas for these positions are: 1) Blue Biotechnology (e.g. use of molecular/genomic approaches for synthetic biology and/or systems biology of microbes, biofuels, marine natural products, marine phycology, marine mycology); 2) Ocean Biogeochemistry and Climate Change (e.g. global scale ecosystem and earth system modeling, ocean observing, controls on the ocean biological pump [past, present and future], stable isotope biogeochemistry, environmental radiochemistry); and 3) Ocean Health (e.g. predator-prey interactions,  microbial signaling, quorum sensing, plankton physiology, and chemical ecology of marine microbes).  Cross-cutting themes for these positions include human impacts, foundations of marine food webs, and climate change.  The research at Bigelow Laboratory has global geographical reach, from the tropics to the poles.

Minimum requirements are a Ph.D. with two years of postdoctoral experience and the capability to acquire external funding and lead scientific programs.  Bigelow Laboratory is a primarily soft money institution with the expectation that the PI will generate external funding and be an active participant in the Laboratory’s institutionally-funded teaching and technology transfer activities.   Salary and start-up packages are negotiable.  The Laboratory provides generous medical/retirement benefits.  For more information and application details, see our Web Site:  http://www.bigelow.org/about-bigelow-laboratory/position_openings/2pi_positions/
referring to  Job # SRS-2013-1.  For full consideration, the application should be received by 25 October 2013.  The search will continue until the positions are filled but the goal is to have these positions filled by summer 2014.  Bigelow Laboratory is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action institution.