Position Announcements

Postdoc – Environmental Chemistry – Stable Isotope HR-ICP-MS

A postdoctoral fellowship is available working in the area of high resolution isotope analyses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  The position is jointly funded through collaborative research with the UW-Madison Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program and the U.S. Geological Survey’s Mercury Research Laboratory in Middleton, WI.  The position will take advantage of a recently acquired high resolution multicollector ICP-MS instrument located at the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene’s Trace Element Clean Laboratory (TECL).  Research is focused on understanding mercury sources and cycling in the environment, with the initial project position supported by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.
Preferred Qualifications:  1. Ph.D. degree in Chemistry, Geology, Geochemistry, Environmental Analysis or related discipline:  2. Direct experience in high-resolution isotopic analyses;  3. Field experience in limnology or oceanography; 4. Experience working in multidisciplinary teams.

Interested individuals should send curriculum vitae, description of relevant field or laboratory experience, research interests, and contact information of three references, via email, to:

James P. Hurley, University of Wisconsin Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program, Madison, WI (hurley@aqua.wisc.edu)
David P. Krabbenhoft, USGS Mercury Research Laboratory, Middleton, WI (dpkrabbe@usgs.gov