Science Education

The Informal Education and Public Outreach Sub Committee has been actively working to identify and promote communication, collaboration and partnerships between ASLO research scientists and educators. Our charge is to identify appropriate education resources and professional development opportunities that improve ASLO scientist's access to and participation in education and outreach. For further details of the following materials, please visit the sidebar.

ASLO Scientist Survey: With this mission in mind, ASLO and the Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence Networked Ocean World (COSEE NOW) conducted a survey in January 2009 of the ASLO membership to gather data on the education involvement, practices and needs of ASLO members to improve the exchange of data and teaching practices between scientists and educators.

Exemplary Science Education Resources: We have updated and improved the Science Education Resources website. This site features the best-of-the-best websites to help members find important information on grant writing and improving broader impacts, resources to help improve your effectiveness as a professor/educator including professional development opportunities, recommended EPO programs for scientists to get involved in EPO, and educational resources and references of value in proposal writing or participation in education projects.

In addition to these resources, ASLO members have developed the popular Image Library that contains several thousand images illustrating many aspects of aquatic science, as well as a formal publication, Limnology and Oceanography e-Lectures, that provide authoritative, peer-reviewed lectures for undergraduate and graduate teaching.